Megu Restaurant – The Pearl



GDP provided specialist catering design advice to HDC – the Hospitality branch of UDC – for the complete implementation of the kitchen facilities of 8 external Restaurants on The Pearl.

The kitchens of Megu (Japanese), as well as others among which, Tse-Yang (Chinese), Pampano (Fusion  Mexican), La Tabkha (Lebanese) etc. are extensive and have the capacity to produce over 2,000 mix culinary meals within the island’s hotel restaurants and a further 1500 meals to support the catering events. GDP, worked closely with the Operators’ F&B Beverage personnel to find solutions for all kitchens, in order to meet operational requirements.



Megu kitchens, Pantry and Bars were developed to overcome shortfalls within preparation, cooking, service and wash-up areas. Each New Kitchens was required to:

  • suit modern production methods, using modern technology as appropriate.
  • meet anticipated future service requirements.
  • meet the standards of best hygienic practice in accordance to HACCP guidelines

Design Principales

Megu facilities have been attentively studied to avoid to jeopardize operations with cross-contamination worked out to be ideal associated with their design and space allocations. GDP has optimized the space for refrigerated storage, preparation, cooking, service and ware-washing and was enhanced from the original Hotel Company’s allowances. As a result, the extensive facilities have been designed to suit operations perfectly.